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AMA's Goes to Great Heights with Pink...

The Grammy winner, 38, was suspended several stories up in the air from the side of the 34-floor JW Marriott hotel in downtown L.A. as she rehearsed on Friday, November 17, and in a video posted on her Instagram account, Pink admitted she was nervous before she prepped for the daredevil stunt.
“I’m just afraid I’m going to get up there and be like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this,'” the “What About Us” singer said. “I don’t care about heights, I just care about being able to actually breathe up there.”
“This was a fine idea,” she quipped before she was strapped into her harness.
“I feel the fear this time,” she added as she was shown rehearsing her aerial moves. “This is nothing you can prepare for.”
In a video posted by ABC 7, the singer can be seen doing choreographed moves to her music by pushing off against the hotel’s windows. “This is by far the craziest, most insane thing I’ve ever attempted to do,” Pink admitted in the video. “This is the first time that I’ve ever panicked…
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It’s always interesting to see lesser-known images of Marilyn Monroe, like these of her “hiking” in what look like the hills above Hollywood (or at least somewhere in L.A.). she would have been 24 here, and how cute is the little MM embroidered on her top? quite like seeing the ever glamorous MM with sweaty armpits, too. photographed by Edward Clark for LIFE Magazine, August 1950.

It was all frills, flowers!... Oh, and can you believe we finally got served some serious curve realness at the McQueen 2018 runway show in  Paris, France this year...
This was his first Paris Fashion Week to finally highlighting REAL girls… REAL  girls meaning, realistic and healthy women with tits and an ass, (pardon my French! - No pun intended!... Finally, some curves thank you!!! The moment has come! With such a high profile designer such as Alexander McQueen to feature this in such large magnitude. With A-list top fashion models such as Lyklne and Teske walking in the for the show.  Betsy Teske Photo: AP Images 

Yes…. tears in my eyes...  Alexander McQueen‘s show was amazing and even more fantastic when I realized Betsy Teske rocked this catwalk! Betsy, size 42/44 model…. omg omg is this really!!! She is with Milk and Linda Models. Also Eline Lykke (also a size 42/44 EU) from Norway.   Sarah Burton and her team of Alexander McQueen. Well done! The first designer in Paris and pro…

Falling for Fall!...

Who's excited for this fall and winter moments ahead?...  The fashions especially. DUH!  I mean for me there is nothing better than some Fall fashion, layers are the name of my game!  Scarves, gloves, hats, I love it all galore!  OH, and some fishnets for fun. ;P


Let's kickstart our day out rite!... We like it fresh and we keep it fresh to deth and look fresh all day every day! with a cooled, anti-fatigue undr-eye serium. The serium I use in my skin regimine and it sure does make all the diffrene for my undereye skin! Keeping them mosturised, hydrated and prevents puffyness and discoleration under the eye area, which is a main concern of mine when it comes to my skin. 
AntiVice undereye serum
After a late night working or the oasional drink or two that you feel the next morning, this next produt is a MUST HAVE in my book! Dark Phyto-Matter with a botanical stemcell culture to relieve your eyes from fatigue and stress, and that puffyness and disocoleration I was talking about.  The under eye anti-fatigue serum revolutionary formula known as dark phyto-matter, which effectively removes dead skin to provide efficient absorption of the product’s essential ingredients for maxumum hydration.
A Men's Health Award Winner! Now that's pretty MAJ!…


This summer you can't go wrong with this latest trend, the denim skirt. First we were obsessed with cutoff shorts, now we evolve to the denim skirt! LOVE this look with a button up shirt tied into a knot to crop.
xx. pc <3

PC Styles Takes Over Reality-TV

It's about to get REAL on WEtv!  Peter "PC Styles" Curti is to appear on the upcoming second season of, Million Dollar Matchmaker.The world’s most renowned matchmaker is back and more outspoken than ever!  Patti Stanger, along with her dynamic team, has upped her game in matchmaking. On this season of Million Dollar Matchmaker, Patti has taken over the 21st floor of an exclusive high-end resort where she will go head-to-head with her most challenging clients ever. Every week, 2 new millionaires will be checking into the resort. Unbeknownst to the clients, Patti’s eyes and ears are everywhere. Patti will be throwing twists and turns during their stay where the clients will receive individual “love lessons” designed by Patti to point them in the right direction to true, ever-lasting love. After an extensive recruiting, each millionaire will go on the same date twice with 2 potential matches to see if there is chemistry. But there’s a catch! The dater must choose the milliona…