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Stylist - Megan Averbuch:

"M" of Bells&Rebbles and I have worked together now on a few projects... She is an amazing stylist!... One word to describe "M" - FABULOUS! Her styling work is effortless... The fashion world need's to look out for this fashionista!

Photos By: Peter Curti
M is wearing: 
Look #1Jean Paul Gaultier blazer, Bouique 9 boots. Lululemon leggings. Forever21 top.
Look #2: Elizabth and James top.

As an NYC-based fashion stylist, Megan Averbuch currently spends her time styling celebrities and working with designers in New York's absolute most exclusive vintage boutique, while also maintaining her own blog, Belles&Rebelles. With a versatile background ranging from a degree in Art History from Lafayette College to Certificate in Fashion Styling from F.I.T.

I had some questions for M, here is what she had to say...

What is one accessory you CAN'T live without?
"Right now, I cannnnottt live without my seril leather fringe bag. Its a couple years old but I just decided to "revisit" it and now I can't stop using it! Its a TOTAL statement piece with long fringe and MAKES outfits. Also, every fall my long, button down printed Etro sweater serves as a sweater, a jacket, a coat, a blanket...this piece basically makes my life. And scarves. I never ever, no matter the time of year, leave the house without a handful of rings. Basically, there is never just ONE thing I can't live without."

What's one designer that inspires you the most?
"As for designer that inspires me most.. I truly can't answer because I like too many. I mix and match EVERYTHING. I don't descriminate based on brand or designer. If I like it, ill wear it. I'm known to wear expensive leggings and men's cheap tee shirts. I'll pair with hot heels and accessorize, but I never base my wardrobe around any specific designer. I do truly respect Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. They make great clothes and have a great work ethic! They make themselves accessible to EVERYONE and I am truly a fan of quite a few of their brands! But still, its never about one brand or one designer with me."
- Megan Averbuch. 

To visit M's blog Bells&Rebelles click: Here 
To see more collaborations of PC & M's work click: Here, and Here.


  1. thanks! but spell my NAME RIGHT!
    it's just MEGAN! :) XO


  2. OMGG so sorry i just fixed it! xo IM ALWAYS FORGET NO "H" ! I wont forget! lol

  3. Great profile! I like her style.


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